Poker Sponsorship is it worth it?

The behind the scenes preparation for a televised or streamed (internet) final table is endless. There is a whole host of people employed to make sure the show is brought to the world without a hitch. There is a lot of regulation and rules and it can make the whole affair quite tedious, especially for the players who are often being baked alive in the searing heat of the bulbs. One of the most annoying and tedious tasks involves the regulation of the poker patch. Each patch needs to be approved by the company that is hosting the event. Then the patch needs to be a specific size and it is not unusual for the tech crews to actually measure them while on set. Fans of Betfair online don’t have to worry about this.

But does anyone actually care? Are the watching public casting an eye on each patch and rushing to the computer to sign up? Invariably, the people watching the action are poker players and they already have their own personal preferences when it comes to which site they spend their hard earned cash. So it really does make you wonder what the professional poker player actually does to earn their coin?

It is believed that at the time of Full Tilt’s demise they had around 250 professional poker players on their books in one form or another. What exactly were these players bringing to Full Tilt? We can imagine superstars like Phil Ivey attracting some newer players to the poker online site but what about the 249 other players?

When you get a piece of paper in your hand and write a list of poker sponsorships pros and cons the pros side is seriously lacking in ink. Maybe the death knell has sounded on poker sponsorship?

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