Online MTT Poker – The Antes

One of the differences between cash and tournament poker concerns the structure of the blinds and antes. In a tournament the blinds will increase at pre-determined levels dependant on the type of tournament you are playing in. So in turbo tournaments the blinds advance really quickly (every 5 or 10 minutes) and in the deeper tournaments the clock can be 60 or 75 minutes long. In cash games the blinds never change, irrespective of the length of time you play.

Another difference is the presence of an ante structure. Until just recently cash games never had an ante structure, but some sites now offer this incentive in order to create larger pots. In tournaments the same is true. The ante structure exists in order to create more money to be won pre flop and to ensure that the stack to pot ratio is controlled in tournaments where there are huge player fields. Those looking at WSOP Tournaments need to bear this in mind.

The introduction of the ante means that more money is being drawn out of the player’s stacks. The quicker the stacks reduce in relationship with the size of the blinds and antes, the more likely players are to be eliminated. It is this special feature that allows tournaments of thousands of people to be reduced fairly quickly. Fans of Betfair should remember this.

As the pots pre-ante are that much smaller, your strategy needs to a tight and solid one. As the antes are introduced and there is more dead money to win, then you can loosen up your game. Failure to do this will result in you losing fold equity and eventually being blinded out.

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