Super Stud

If you have picked up this article hoping to read something about equines or Don Juan you will be disappointed. Super Stud is the name given to a derivative of Seven Card Stud and it is played in Dealers Choice cash games all around the world.

Super Stud is generally played in the hi-low variant although you can simply play for the hi if you want to. The pots can get quite juicy because there are more streets for betting than you would find in your usual flop, turn and river type of game. You won’t see it at Betfair WSOP 2012 but it is a lot of fun.

The dealer who announces the game of Super Stud will hand everyone five cards face down. Each player will look at their cards and discard two of their five cards. During this phase of play you can simply fold your hand although the game does possess a small and big blind. Once players have either folded or decided to continue, they each turn over one card face up and keep two cards face down. There is then a round of betting before the dealer hands each remaining poker player a second face up card called Fourth Street.

There are similar betting rounds on Fifth Street, Sixth Street and Seventh Street and the winner of the hi and lo hands are determined at showdown with the best five-card hand in each field being declared the winner. Due to the existence of extra rounds of betting some home games insist of a maximum of half pot bets on earlier streets to keep the pot from growing out of control.

So next time you are seated in a game of Dealers Choice and someone announces Super Stud, you will know what the hell they are talking about.

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