Probability and Odds

Mathematics is a vital component in the poker machine, but it does not mean that you have to be Rain Man in order to be a great poker player. Poker players generally fall into one of two distinct groups: the feeling players and the mathematical players. If you fall into the feeling category then you need to learn a few math fundamentals in order to become a good player and anyone with a Betfair poker welcome bonus should remember this.

Probability is one of those fundamentals, and it is the percentage of the time that something is likely to occur or has already occurred. Probability is can be expressed as a percentage or a ratio. It is the ratio that is often coined as odds in the poker lingo. Anyone playing Betfair Poker Welcome Freerolls can practice calculating things.

Let’s imagine you have a hand like [Ac] [5c] and you have hit a flop like [8c] [Tc] [Qc] what is the probability that you will hit your flush draw? There are 52-cards in the deck and 13 of them are clubs. You have two of them and there are three on the board making five clubs in total. This means that of the existing cards in the deck eight of them are spades. So the probability of you hitting your flush on the turn is 8/47= 17%. You also have to calculate the fact that you have a river card to come as well so 8/46 = 17.4%. This means that you have a 31.4% of hitting your flush should all the money go in on the flop (17 + 17.4%).

When you understand this basic probability you can now make the correct mathematical decision based on the size of your opponents bet, by comparing the odds given by the bet with the odds that you will hit your hand.

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