Stay Put!

One of the advantages that you have when you play cash game poker is you can sit down and leave whenever you choose. Cash game poker fits into the schedule of life perfectly, unlike the soul crushing 15-hour sessions of tournament poker that are dished out by the WSOP each year in the freezing cold temperatures of the Rio.

For a player to gain an advantage there must be someone somewhere being disadvantaged and here are a few examples. First let’s focus on the short stack specialists in the game. It is not much fun sitting in a game full of short stackers. There simply isn’t really a game of wits going on when you do battle with these players.

They have a pretty straightforward strategy and you have a pretty straightforward counter strategy.  The short stacker has an advantage because he can double up quickly and then exit the game before returning after a period of absence. You are disadvantaged because the player has just left – not only with your money – but also with a stack he is not equipped to play with. You need to bear this in mind when playing Betfair Cash Games.

Another disadvantage comes when you have a mix of skill levels in the game. Maybe there is a little baby fish, a barracuda and a shark. The little baby fish leaves the game because he has just had a stack sized chunk bitten out of him by the barracuda, and then the barracuda also sits out of the game. This leaves the shark swimming around on his own without any way of being fed.

One way of evening up the scales a little bit would be to have a minimum time limit that you had to stay put! Maybe 30-40mins of necessary action before you could sit out or squirrel away?

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